Will Chickens Eat Mice

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Will chickens eat mice – a common question asked by those people who are really interested to know more about the foods eaten by their chicken. Well, chickens are animals that will eat everything and mice are not exempted.

Chickens will eat mice, but not always. I have seen mice run right by a chicken and it did not even look twice. I have also witnessed two chickens absolutely destroy a mouse that wandered in to their coop.

If a chicken has eaten a mouse before there is a very good chance that that chicken will actively attack mice to eat them. If a chicken has never eaten a mouse they may not even acknowledge they fact that the mouse exists.

Mice pick on chickens while they sleep.

Chickens are known to be extremely sound sleepers. Due to the deep sleep of the chickens mice are commonly chewing on the feet and feathers of the chicken.

They are also sometimes pulling out their feathers to have a nest bedding while the chickens are asleep. This is the reason why sometimes chickens are eating mice because they have no choice but to fight back against the mice for what they’ve did to them.

If you don’t want to force your chicken to eat mice, then there are certain things you need to do to prevent such incidents from happening and these are as follows:

Cover Small Holes

Mice can get inside your chicken coop through holes. This is the reason why you need to close all the small openings where you think mice could enter. Make sure that all the holes in the coop are plugged properly.

Plant Some Mint

You may also try planting some mint around the chicken coop. Mint are considered to be a natural plant that can prevent mice from entering the place. You may also sprinkle dried or fresh mint inside the coop and all other nesting boxes of the chicken to prevent the presence of mice.

Barn Cat

Have a barn cat. Mice are known to be afraid to cat hence having them near the chicken coop is one way of preventing your chicken to eat such animal. Barn cat can help your coop free from mice. The cat need not to have an access to the inside area of the coop, they just need to be at a specific perimeter of the coop.

Prevent Giving Foods at Night

Chickens cannot clearly view foods at night. This is the reason why they are not eating foods at night time. To prevent chicken from eating mice, you need not to place any food items that can arouse the interest of the mice to enter the coop. If possible, try to remove the food inside the coop since it will serve as the mice source of food.

The above mentioned tips are very easy and simple for you to follow. These can be done especially if you have huge numbers of chickens at home and you don’t want them to eat every mouse that are present in the area. Doing this, you are not only saving the chicken from harm but you are also saving your place from the harmful effects that rodents might give.

Chickens do eat mice but this incident is not commonly seen. Some chicken owners have already experienced it but some may not. If you don’t want to let your chicken eat such an animal then do your part to prevent mice from entering your chicken coop as early as possible. If you do want your chickens to eat mice then present them with a sample of feeder mice.

Will Chickens Eat Mice?
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