Water needs for goats

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As with all animals goats need water, as a matter of fact all living things need water. While getting started in homesteading you may not realize how much is centered around water. A clean, fresh source of water is very important when raising goats.

The stage of life that your goat is in will dictate what the actual water needs are for the goat. Babies will need less water than a lactating mother. Goats will need to have 3 to 6 gallons of water per day. The water should be cleaned frequently, make sure that there are no droppings in the water. If you leave water out in the sun two things are going to happen, one it will heat up, and two it will turn green and gross.

It has become increasingly popular to use a small trough with an automatic float to provide goats with an unending clean water source. This is a good idea for the most part, the bowl that holds the water is small and attached to something, so it is not likely that your goats will defecate in or knock it over. The draw back is that the small size of the bowl means that it will heat up easy. If the water in the trough is hot your goats will not drink as much as they need to.

Another option would be a tub, this is the option we use. The weather in the summer gets to about 110 in the high desert area where we live. In the winter it gets below freezing and we have to deal with ice as well as hot water. When selecting a tub to use for watering your goat consider what it is made out of, you don’t want it to rot but you also don’t want it to be made out of something your goat will try to eat and break. You will also need to be able to lift it up so you can dump it out to clean the container when needed.

During the hotter months of the year we try to dump out the water and give fresh cool water at about 1:00 pm. If we are going to be away on a hot day, I keep blocks of ice in the freezer, we will put a block of ice in their water tub to help the goats beat the heat. What ever method you choose  make sure your goats have all the fresh clean water that they need to be happy healthy little critters.


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