Treats for goats.

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                                      Treats for goats.

     We like to treat our animals from time to time, so today I would like to share what kind of treats  for goats we use. We also use treats for training reasons, not just to give your furry little friends a little slice of happiness. Well at least I think it makes them happy. They sure seem eager to get the snack and by all accounts look to enjoy it very much. Let look at what makes snacks for goats

Goats can be kind of picky, most people run around saying that goats will eat anything, but in my experience that is far from what goes on most of the time. It is important to know what your goat prefers and to make sure what you are giving them is not bad for their health. Also consider if your goat is a milk goat, Whatever you give to them could have an effect on the taste of the milk they providers you.

What kind of Treats do Goats like?

    There are goat treats on the market right now that you can buy and they are great for a goat I will give you a link here so you can see what I am talking about. The problem is that they are kind of expensive and do not seem to go very far. We are now up to 12 goats and growing so cost is something we need to consider. Some folks give extra grain as a treat and in moderation grain is not all bad. The problem that we have, and if you have cute goats I bet you have this problem too, is that any time anyone comes over they want to give the goats a treat. If you give your goats too much grain it can cause kidney stones “Urolithiasis.”

     We have come up with two solutions that seem to work very well. The first is a horse treat, after talking to several experts on the matter, we have been giving our goats an apple flavored horse biscuit that you can find in this link. The local feed store here sells them for around 8 dollars. We break the treat in to three smaller pieces to make them go further and to make sure the goat doesn’t get full during training. It is hard enough to work with a goat while training. Once they are full they have no interest and do not respond well to the bribery of the treats.

Treats for goat

   Natural Goat Treats.

 The other option is a very natural choice, and is even some thing you can grow in your own garden. Carrots, our goats really enjoy eating carrots, and they seem to respond to them almost as well as the apple treats. We do have a few goats that seem to have a harder time eating the carrots if we cut them into too big of pieces. You don’t want to have a choking hazard on your hands so make sure that you watch and see how your goats respond to them. None of the goats seem to have any issues if we give them the carrots whole, just when we cut the carrots. If you are going to use carrots to treat train your goats you will need to cut them down to size so be careful you do so keeping in mind they can choke.


 Therese treats are healthy for your goat and will provide some nutritious snacks. They also make great goat treats for training. Training your goat can be fun just be patient and use the treats to lure the desired behavior. Just be sure to use treats for goats.

I am sure there are many other options out there that will work and be healthy for your goats. We stopped here because we had found our answer and saw no need to continue any further. If you have an awesome treat that is healthy for your goats and they are willing to do anything to get it, please leave a comment below and share your knowledge.

Goat snacks

Treats for goats
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Treats for goats
We like to treat our animals from time to time, so today I would like to share what kind of treats goats eat. Goat treats for training.
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