Treats for chickens

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What are good treats for chickens? We all like to spoil our chickens, and that is ok. Just be sure you are doing what is best for your chickens, when offering treats. Chickens have very small bodies, this makes it very easy to throw them all out of wack.

Treats for chickens

Some people like to give leftovers as a treat for their chickens. At times leftovers make a great treat but other times the content of your leftovers can greatly harm you chickens. Salt is very bad for a chicken, so try not to give any food that is high in salt. I would not give the chickens any food that you added salt to either.

Do not go overboard with feeding your chickens left overs. Your chickens have nutritional needs and unless you are eating what they need, you still need to give them chicken feed. If not you could end up with deficiencies that could lead to major health problems.

Healthy Treats for Chickens

Chickens go crazy for all kinds of treats, even healthy treats. If you would like to provide healthy treats for your chickens simply look at what they eat in the wild. 

Treat for chickens

Meal worms make an excellent healthy treat for chickens. Your chickens will go nuts for meal worms. Mine go crazy every time I give them some. The best part, is that it is great for their health also. So you don’t have to worry about negative effects like you would with giving leftovers. I recommend you get the 5 pound bag you will usually save a fair amount of money when you buy the larger bag. Lets face it you are going to spoil your hens and give them lots of treats so you may as well save some money on your chicken treats.

What Kind of Leftovers can Chickens Eat?

When deciding if I should let my chickens eat my leftovers, I take in to account what is in the leftovers. Seasonings are easy to forget about, but they can harm you chickens health. I try to give our chickens leftovers that have very little added to them. Things like fruits and vegetable are great for your chickens, assuming you didn’t add any seasonings you sugar.

A great alternative to leftovers and meal worms would be fly larva. This is another awesome chicken treat, and also happens to be a very natural chicken treat. If you are already giving you chickens meal worms when try giving them some fly larva, they will thank you for it. No one wants to have the same thing over and over so consider trying it out, variety is a wonderful and joyous thing.

The last treat I want to talk about today is freeze-dried crickets. I have

chicken treats

tried thees and my chickens absolutely love them. Again, crickets are a very natural chicken treat, and is very healthy for your birds.

We all love our chickens, and want to spoil them from time to time. I say go ahead and pick up a good healthy treat for your chickens. They will love it and you will feel good giving it to them.


Treats for Chickens
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Treats for Chickens
Meal worms make an excellent healthy treat for chickens. Your chickens will go nuts for meal worms. Mine go crazy every time I give them some. The best part, is that........
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