Top 5 Productive Plants for Gardening in Dry Climates

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If you live in southern states that are dry and hot, finding vegetable or fruit plants that thrive in these harsher environments can be a challenge. Our article will give you a garden roadmap to the best producing plants for extreme heat or desert areas.

Here are five great choices to grow in hot dry climates:

  1. You can’t talk about hot climates without talking about hot plants, Jalapeno hot that is. Jalapeno plants do well in dry harsh areas. Serano peppers are also a great choice. You will want to make sure that your pepper plants don’t have direct afternoon sunlight. Other than that they will thrive.
  2. Green Beans do great in hot climates, but only certain species. These are bush or vining plants. It’s really just your preference. Having several types of beans will help you have greater yields throughout the summer months. Cowpeas like Whippoorwill, White Acre, and Pink Eye Purple Hull. Asparagus Beans and yard long beans all do well in harsh environments.
  3. Herbs like Basil and Rosemary are very fruitful in hot climates. The nice thing about these herbs is they will work in your landscape or garden. They are very eye appealing plants and add to your landscape nicely.
  4. Okra, what southerner does not like okra? This is a wonderfully heat tolerant plant and does well in extreme heat. Choose heirloom seeds with deeper root systems, these type plants do much better in heat or drought.
  5. Watermelon actually is sweeter when grown in a dry hot climate. During the hot summer months, watermelon vines yield wonderful melons. Nothing better than an ice cold watermelon to eat on a hot day!

Raised gardens are a preferred way to grow in hot dry areas. You can control moisture and soil much easier in a controlled area. Make sure your food producing plants have a rich soil to help them survive hot summer days.

If planting in high heat or drought areas make sure the plants you do choose have deeper root systems to help them survive on less water. These systems give plants access to more moisture for longer periods without rain.

Desert gardening PRO TIP,

Another helpful tip is providing shade against direct sunlight. Gardeners need to follow the hot weather conditions on extreme days. Providing shade can help plants survive extreme direct sunlight. When temperatures are going to be above 100 degrees it’s advisable to provide temporary shade just to give a bit of support.

Top 5 Productive Plants for Gardening in Dry Climates
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Top 5 Productive Plants for Gardening in Dry Climates
Learn the top 5 productive plants to grow in the hot dry climate of the high desert
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