Things you may not have thought of making at home

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  Do-it-yourself projects you should try.

   I was thinking of all the things you can make at home but most people don’t.  On the top of this list I would have to put laundry soap. It is some thing most people use, and can be made at home for a fraction of what you can purchase premade for. I found this article on how to make some it is very simple.

Another good item to make would be shampoo. Not everyone uses shampoo but there is a good chance that if you have hair you use some form of shampoo. There is a good write up over at instructables that  give some recipes to make your own here is a link to it.

Keeping on the theme of hygiene toothpaste would be next on the list of Do-it-yourself items. This may take some playing around with to get others on board. I know some people simply will not use toothpaste that doesn’t taste good to them, but with trial and error you will find one that works for you,  Here is a link to an article all about it.

How about lip balm “chapstick” if you tend to need this items often don’t you think it would be a good idea to learn how to make some for yourself? like the others it is not that hard to make. I found this link to instructions on how to make this item.

There are lots of other things you can easily make for yourself. Think about it for a second and I bet you will come up with all kinds of ideas. The wonderful thing about making things for your self is that you control EVERYTHING that goes in to them. That means no poisons or harmful items will be in them unless you want them to be. You also get the chance to change up the recipes for your own tastes and desires.

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