Should I raise pigs for meat?

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We raise several pigs each year to fill our pork needs. This year beef has gone up in price yet again, so we are going to raise 5 pigs to help off set the fact that we may not be able to produce as much beef this year. Since we do not breed pigs, I started to look around for some weaners  to purchase and noticed that the price of pigs had gone up substantially over the last year also (not enough to prevent us from being able to purchase the pigs we desired but it was a noticeable difference).

Last year the pigs we bought were about 60 dollars each, but it seems like an average price of 100 dollars each is the norm. Keep in mind that we are just buying feeder pigs that are intended for nothing more than raising for butcher. You may find all kinds of crazy prices out there, I saw some that were selling for up to $1800 each. Thees pigs are meant for show or breeding purposes, if some one is trying to sell you a pig at a very high price inform them that you are looking for feeders and they should know that means you intend to butcher them and do not care about some things that show people do. If the price is still too high then walk away and keep looking.

Pigs in transport
Pigs in transport going to their new home

When we are looking for pigs to raise for meat, there are two places that have given us the best results. The first would be craigslist,  this option is a good way to cover a lot of ground without ever leaving your house. Most folk that are selling pigs to the general public will have an ad on craigslist. The other place we have had good luck finding pigs would be, the local farm and ranch store. Talk to the people that work there and ask if they know anyone selling pigs, you would be surprised how many people they come in contact on a daily basis. This is the option that worked best for us this year,  we found a littler of pigs ready to go about 60 miles from us.

Pigs are a fairly simple animal to keep, if you have a fenced area with some shelter, and access to water, you have the basics you need to get started. Keep in mind that pigs can get very stinky, so placing them away from the house is a must. Now lets talk a bit about how to keep pigs from smelling so bad you can not stand it. A good way to keep pig smell down is  to take your wheel barrel and scoop out as much pig feces from the pen as you can. Then take the droppings away from your main operation and dump it out. As a final step you should cover it with a layer of oder neutralizer, you can find some by clicking here. Doing this will make it much easier to live around the pigs.

The cost of all kinds of meat have gone up year after year, so it is a good idea to raise your own pork, bacon, and ham, if it is at all possible. Plus you get to know exactly what is going in to your food. The experience of raising pigs is good enough reason alone, but the return you get from raising your pork makes it well worth the effort and investment.



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