should I feed bales of hay, or pellets?

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So the question is should I feed bales of hay or should be feed Pellets? I have discussed this with several of my peers and I have found that there are several different schools of thought. When feeding forage, if you don’t have pasture to give your animals access to, is handled by feeding hay. What is hay? Hay is usually grass, bermuda, timothy, or alfalfa. Hay is a very important part of some animals diets.

There are a wide variety of animals that consume hay, and considering that out here in the desert there is no real pasture to speak of, we have to provide access to hay or our animals would most likely parish of Mal-nutrition. Scrub desert is a harsh environment to raise animals, but it is entirely possible to do this successfully.

I feed hay from bales, but there are a few draw backs from feeding bales. The first would be, that it is very difficult to measure the exact quantity of hay being fed. Most people would tell you they feed a flake or two a day to their animal. A flake of hay is considered a “slice” of hay off the bale usually about 3 inches wide give or take. If you need to give an exact amount of feed you will never accomplish this task using bales of hay. If you feed pellets then it is much easier to get more of an exact measurement of what you animals are getting. You can just use a measuring cup and a scale, once you know how full to fill up your bucket then make a line on it with a marker and you wont need a scale any more.

The other reason to feed pellets over bale hay, is waste. It is very easy to loose hay when you feed from bales of hay, you will see hay that your floor gets covered with hay scraps from where it falls off the bale and out of your hands. The loose hay also gets lost by blowing in the wind, or by animals digging around in their feed trough and knocking it out on the ground.

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