Should Goats Wear Collars

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Should goats wear collars? Some may say yes while some will say no. Let’s discuss the reasons why goats should wear collars.

Goats like any kind of animal in your backyard need regular handling, or they could get wild. A wild goat will run from you as well as move violently to get away.

This type of behavior is an issue when you are required to clean up your goat or do routine care and maintenance. A goat which is handled on a frequent basis is likley to come once called.

Collars are very valuable for handling your goats. They are needed for showing goats or getting them from one place to another, such as inside and outside of a car for transport.

Collars are very important for retraining goats when grooming, and if you have a milk stand. In the case you have two or four goats, you can purchase collars at the nearest pet store. On the other hand, if you have a larger herd, keep in mind that goat supply catalogs might give discounts or deals for bulk orders.

Here is some essential information that can help you in buying goat collars:

Can Goats Wear Plastic Goat Collars

This is the most preferred goat collar by a lot of goat producers due to the break-away safety measure which assists avoid accidents once your goat gets caught on high limbs and brush. Made of top grade plastic, this can give you so many years of service.

Sufficiently strong for lead control, yet capable of releasing the goat in emergency cases, these collars are available in various colors such as green, white, red, and yellow and blue. A big collar is ideal for boer goats.

Personalized Goat Collars

Personalized goat collars are one of the most sought after collars amongst goat owners at this time. There is a wide selection of colors to choose from as well. However, it is highly advisable to choose contrasting colors for the text and outer colors.

Choosing two light and two dark, colors will make it extremely hard to read. This collar uses a buckle style closure. Sizing is provided as a range of neck sizes and lengths. For personalize collar, you need to measure the neck size of your goat or its existing collar length to get precise sizing.

Goat collar sizing

• Small 12 inch to 16 inch x ¾ inch wide

• Medium 18 inch to 22 inch long x 1 inch wide

• Large 25 inch to 29 inch long x 1 inch wide

• Extra Large 31 inch to 5 inch long x 1 inch wide

Goat collars are indeed very essential tools for handling goat. Consider using this tool if you want to control your goat ,and allow it go collarless the rest of the time. Goats that wear a collar incessantly, or all the time, are at the risk of getting choked once the collar gets hooked on something. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your goat to avoid this kind of situation.

Should Goats Wear Collars?

Should Goats Wear Collars?
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Should Goats Wear Collars?
Should goats wear collars? Some may say yes while some will say no. Let’s discuss the reasons why goats should wear collars.
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