Produce your own chicken feed

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Produce your own chicken feed!

A big draw back on raising so many animals would be the feed bill. I am going to show you a good way to lower the cost of raising your chickens. The less money you have to put into feed the more money you have for purchasing more animals right?

Duckweed is where its at!!!! In its dried mass duckweed can contain up to 45 percent crude protein. This makes duckweed an ideal pick to grow and feed your chickens. Keep in mind that your chickens will need other things that duckweed does not contain, such as calcium. Therefore this system is a supplement to help reduce your feed bill.

This system is so easy and cheap to build I don’t know why every one with animals hasn’t done it yet. All you need is a plastic tote, some duck weed to start the system, a SOLAR OXYGENATOR you can see a base model by clicking that link I will post an upgraded model at the end of this post, you will also need water and some gold fish.

You take the plastic tote and fill it about half way with water. Then put your little gold fish in, using proper techniques to insert the fish so that they don’t die of shock. Next insert your aerator into the water and turn it on, this will promote articulation and make the whole setup more successful. Now add your duckweed, this will grow and grow.

Now that your duckweed is growing take a handful and toss it to your critters. They will love it and once you get the hang of it you will be growing loads of critter feed right in your own backyard!!! A few things to to look out for: if you get too much sun exposure the algae will choke out your duckweed, also if your solar aerator does not hold enough juice to keep your system going you may want to look at upgrading to the unit I posted below, it has more of a punch and will run longer.






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