Outdoor storage sheds

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Sheds and outbuildings for your homestead.

It is very important to have outdoor storage, such as sheds, to protect your gear. No matter if its tools, atvs, maybe some bicycles, or animal feed, you should have some way to protect them. The weather such as, rain and sun,can take a toll on your belongings or destroy them. You may want to secure these things from being stolen also.

There are many different options for your outbuildings, lets take a look at a few of them. If you have any kind of handy man skills you can build your own and save a lot of money. By rooting around and recycling things that may be thrown out you can find raw materials to build with. Even if you can’t find all of the materials for free it is still a good idea to get as much as you can to off set costs. I wrote a post a while back on where to get free materials that can help you in your journey to build a shed.

recycled wood shed

The picture above is of a shed we built out of all kinds of free things. The base is four wood pallets, we had to space them out a bit to get to the dimensions that we needed so we used 2x4s to attach them together. The base is placed on top of cinder blocks  to get the shed up off the ground and keep water from running into it during a heavy rain storm. The two by fours used to frame the walls and the roof were salvaged from a house that was demolished, as well as the the siding that we used for the walls. The roof is not complete yet but we were able to get some roof fabric, and shingles from a friend that works construction. They were left over from another job and due to the small area of the shed roof, we were able to get enough to cover the roof with out any trouble at all. After it was all finished, I think I have about 50 bucks into screws and hardware for this shed. I did run out of siding so I had to use some particle board that was given to me to finish it off.

wood pallet shed

Here is a shed that is made of wood pallets, I did an entire write up on this at this link, so I wont go into much detail on how this one was made.

Store bought shed

This picture is of a store bought shed, it looks good and works. The big problem with this is that a store bought shed costs thousands of dollars. That being said, if you have a very expensive tool collection it may be worth the cost to protect your investment for years to come.

If you are not so handy with a hammer and a saw, and you can not afford to spend thousands of dollars on a pre-made shed. Then consider getting a shed in a box, they are very affordable and come in a variety of sizes. I know of a few people that have gone this route for keeping their hay out of the elements.

Here is a link to all kinds of different sheds made out of all kinds of materials.


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