Nutritional value of rabbit meat

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Rabbit meat

You may have been considering keeping chickens, geese, ducks, goats, sheep and other small livestock for meat, but once you discover how easy it is to raise rabbits, you have another animal for a primary source of meat you never consider.

Rabbits have an extremely high reproduction rate. A healthy adult can do annually produce up to 100% of her body weight. Owning only one female and one male can deliver meat twice a week for a family of four.

Rabbits have very little living space. Whether you live in an apartment or in the country, you can always room to raise a few rabbits. No grazing needed and they are rarely classified as livestock that you can keep them virtually anywhere. How many apartment complexes would allow you to keep a chicken or goat?

Rabbits are low maintenance. Check in to feed them every evening, water and quickly do health checks, to make their cages cleaned once a month and keep a simple diary breeding – that’s all you need to do! Females care for the young people themselves and the only special tools you need are nesting boxes that you can build yourself yet. No feeding is required incubators or by hand.

Rabbits are virtually silent roommates. Apart from the mating scream, rabbits are very quiet animals. They will not reveal your location to anyone, even if you are traveling with them. Who knows what a chicken; goose or duck is likely to attract, not to mention a roster. If outdoor cages well are hidden and clean, the neighbors may not even know they are there.

Why You should eat rabbit meat.

A little rabbit food goes a long way. When rabbits are weaned (6-8 weeks old), they are ready for consumption. This allows you to feed giving most of the bunnies as you gradually eliminate the young, leaving only the adults to consume expensive rabbit food.

Rabbits are the perfect size meal for a family of four. Rabbits are compact and usually slaughtered at “fryer size” (3-5 pounds), so you do not have to worry about storing or eating leftovers.

Rabbit meat is very rich in protein and much reasonable in fat and cholesterol. Very few other animals have nutritional values like rabbits, and none of them can be raised in your living room. Doctors really know to prescribe diets rabbit meat to overweight patients.

For the farmer, rabbit farming sector attractive because of the low initial investment, the small space that commercial reproduction requires compared to other animals. With rabbit breeding plan in place, the speed at which the rabbits are ready for sale also attractive. All this means that the pig is a high-yield business, where the stock is rapidly converted into profit.

Those cost savings for the farmer is also translated into cost savings for consumers, and it is for this reason that in developing countries such as Trinidad, Cameroon, and Kenya, the rabbit is a popular meat choice. It is much cheaper than other meats in most cases and nutritional impressive competitive play.

10 reasons why you should eat rabbit meat frequently!

  • It is one of the best white meat in the market today.
  • It contains high percentage of easily digestible protein.
  • It has the least of fat among the other available meat.
  • Contains fewer calories value.
  • Is practically cholesterol-free and therefore heart patient friendly?
  • The sodium content is relatively less.
  • The calcium and phosphorus meat more than any other meats.
  • The ratio of meat on the bone is higher than even a chicken.
  • Does not have a strong taste and is similar to chicken, but not identical.
  • Rabbits are one of the most productive domestic farm animals. Rabbits can produce six pounds of meat on the same feed and water, while the cow will produce 1 pound of meat on the same feed and water.

Nutritional Rabbit

Rabbit is the healthiest meat known to man. It is rich in protein and low in cholesterol. Rabbit has a lower fat content than chicken, veal, turkey, beef, lamb or pork.

Most meats are rich in fats. Rabbit meat is a good choice because it has less fat than chicken Veal turkey, beef, lamb or pork.

Eating the wrong kind of cholesterol can lead to heart problems. Red meat and pork are equally high and often discouraged in low cholesterol diets. If you want to eat, you should consider eating rabbit meat must be lower in cholesterol than chicken kind of meat.

Nutritional value of rabbit meat
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Nutritional value of rabbit meat
You may have been considering keeping chickens, geese, ducks, goats, sheep and other small livestock for meat, but once you discover Rabbit meat.....
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