How to Treat an “Eggbound” Chicken

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An eggbound chicken is never a good thing, either for you or the chicken. Before you actually try this method, you have to know what an eggbound chicken is and if your chicken actually is eggbound. If you believe your chicken is eggbound, make sure you are handling her carefully during the entire process.

What is an Eggbound Chicken?

A hen does not always have the energy and strength to push out her egg. This lack of energy may be because of malnutrition, which is often unnoticed until something like this appears. It can be dangerous for your chicken because both the egg and waste come out of the vent, which means she will not be able to get rid of waste if she is blocked up.

How to Tell if Your Chicken is Eggbound

To be able to tell if your chicken has this condition, feel around her vent. If she is, you will feel swelling, hardness, tension, and she will be sore or sensitive. Watch her behavior as well, if she does not eat like she usually does, has fluffed-out feathers, seems to be lethargic, and has a retracted neck, she may be eggbound.

How to Treat an Eggbound Chicken


  1. Take the calcium pill and crush it up. Mix this with water, put it in the syringe, and give it to the hen.
  2. Have your bird soak in some warm water. The warmth will help her to relive the tension. Keep an eye on her so she doesn’t freak out or struggle.
  3. Take the olive oil or baby oil and rub it around the vent. You can use a spray bottle if she is too sensitive to touch.
  4. Make sure your chicken doesn’t become dehydrated. If she seems to be hungry, you can try feeding her a scrambled egg to give her nutrients.
  5. By now, she should be close to laying the egg, feel around to check if the egg is present. Do NOT try to break the egg if it’s whole. If you are able to see it, you can use your fingers (tweezers if it is soft or shell less) to grab at it. Apply more oil for an easier passing.
  6. Pull very gently and make sure to keep applying oil. It will hopefully slide out. If this doesn’t work, you may need to cull her if she is in too much pain and there’s no way to help.
How to Treat an "Eggbound" Chicken
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How to Treat an "Eggbound" Chicken
An eggbound chicken is never a good thing, either for you or the chicken. Before you actually try this method, you have to know what an eggbound chicken is
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  1. It is in my stand of view extremely sad to notice the ‘ baby and olive oil lie ‘ , for once and for all , do NOT use ANYTHING out of the kitchen on your chickens bum !!!! NEVER do this , now everyone is looking surprised and asking himself why , right ? well to begin then , first of all , inside of a chicken is a lot going on , positive and negative bacteria come together and in cases like eggbounding your hen won’t be helped by some olive oil or baby oil , if you use olive oil you can even cause or more damage ‘ bacteria !!! ‘ or it jst doesnt do anything at all !! What to use ? and HOW ??? stop dripping some into the cloaca and certainly dripping it ON it , no you need your syringe for this and some liquid paraffine ! that last one has the ability to really let it ‘ slide ‘ , oil does NOT , be aware of the fact your chicken puts pressure so it comes back out too , now how helpfull your olive oil is … It didn’t do anything , that’s odd ?? no olive oil comes of with either water or the chickens temperature ! if you have used paraffine ( take that bottle of durex in your room perhaps ! ) and put for a minimum of 2 ml (the more the better chances ) INSIDE of the cloaca only 2 inches deep UNLESS you feel the egg you put the syringe just a bit away from it and fill it up ( yes I said fill her up ! ) , paraffine has the ability to stay inside even when the chicken pushes it out ( it is still lubricated , that does NOT count for your kitchen trash ! ) so now you did all this you can follow the steps from this article and note : time is very crucial !!! she won’t survive if the egg doesn’t pass , certainly not if left untreated or done once , there is also another thing that should be in this article , you have to keep the hen warm and seperate ! do NOT put her back , never ! build a small ‘ chamber ‘ in either glas , waterproof stuff , make the buttom of it in chickenwire , steady ! use a tub under this without having the chamber in the water , make sure the water is HOT , not warm , put your chicken after lubrication and bathing in it on a towel on the chickenwire , leaving few inches open on the sides so the steam can enter the chamber , drive up the temperature to 30-32 celsius and in most cases your hen will pass it . this is info from vet’s . and how they treat hens in practice .

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