How to Sex a Chicken

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How to Sex a Chicken, Until chickens reach a certain age, telling the difference between roosters and hens is difficult unless you know what signs or indications are present that give away their gender. If you run a farm and need to tell the difference between chicks, there a few proven methods that you can use to determine the gender.

How to sex a chicken

There are many different ways to sex a chicken. Even an expert will have a bit of failure sexing chickens. In fact you can count on 95 percent accuracy, that means there is always a chance they got it wrong. Do not feel bad if you do not get it right, it is very difficult to sex a chicken accurately. With that said lets go over a few methods of sexing chicks.

Hire a Professional Chicken Sexer

This is the most reliable method and the one that comes closer to 100% than any other. While you must pay a fee, it can make the difference in terms of having the hens you want for your farm while getting as few roosters as possible. However, if the most accurate method is not that important and you are willing to do the work yourself, here are a couple of other good methods for telling the difference.

Vent Sexing

This method is simple, you squeeze the feces out of the chick so that the anal vent is opened. If you see a bump, this means a 90% to 95% chance that the chick is male. However, you can still count on having at least one or two males pass as females in every bunch. You’ll need to be careful because you do not want to injure the chick. The goal is to press lightly on the abdomen which causes the chick to defecate so that the anal vent is exposed. Pressing too hard will injure the chick.

Feather Sexing

This only applies to chicks that are less than two weeks old. A hen is more likely to grow longer feathers than the cockerels and have the same overall volume. Again, this is still a difficult method of telling the chicks apart and it is less reliable than vent sexing. You should only use feather sexing in combination with vent sexing to ensure you are getting the right gender.

Sexing at Six Weeks
how to sex a chicken

If you can wait until the chicks are six weeks old, then the chances of telling the difference between the sexes goes up dramatically. This is because each sex will develop a distinctive feature related to the waddle and comb. The female chicks will have a very pale comb that is smaller than the larger and redder combs of the roosters.

The tails of the males will tend to stick straight up and you may see them trying to establish a pecking order between them. However, females will tend to establish one among their own brood, so you’ll want to stick to the tails, combs, and waddle. The older the males get, the more likely they are to start crowing which is a dead giveaway.

How Do You Sex A Chicken?

Understanding how to sex a chicken is important when you want to keep the hens for your farm and not have the roosters save perhaps for one. Before the age of six weeks, it is best to hire a professional chicken sexer who can tell the difference with the greatest accuracy possible. However, even with the best there is always the chance for a few of the opposite sex to get through.

How to Sex a Chicken
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How to Sex a Chicken
How to Sex a Chicken, Until chickens reach a certain age, telling the difference between roosters and hens is difficult unless you know what signs or indications are
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