How to build a goat pen

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We added some Nubian goats this year for milk purposes. Which means …… you guessed it, building another pen. I wanted to give plenty of space but not spend an arm and a leg on materials.

How To Build A Goat Pen

I decided to go with cattle panels, they are very strong and don’t cost all that much to buy.  To hold up the cattle panels I simply puoded t-posts into the ground, and wired the panel to them. Since the goats I acquired are not tiny babies the gaps in the cattle panels seem to hold them in quite well. 

Cattle pannels have 6 inch squsre spaces, this will not work for all goats. If I decide to keep tiny baby goats in the pen later on I will run chicken wire along the inside and that should take care of the larger gaps in the fence.

When the goats reach about 3 months of age they do not fit through the gaps anymore but if you are raising pygmy goats it would be a good idea to line the cattle panels with some welded wire, it is cheap and should hold them in nicely.

For a house to shelter the goats I took two cattle panels, bowed them over and anchored them down with some t posts.  Then I  covered that with a large tarp and secured the tarp to the cattle panels.

This house seems to work quite well and is the cheapest way I could come up with to build a decent shelter for the little milk goats. I am sure I will have to replace the tarp from time to time, but it serves its purpose well.


Along the back of the house I used some wood pallets and made a gate.  This is the way we get in and out of the pen and is a good cheap way to provide a gate. Gates are usually a fairly expensive portion of your pen.

Make Sure Your Goats Have Something to Climb on!!!

To keep the goats happy and occupied they need some sort of “climbing structure” or something to play on.  I decided to turn to good ol pallets again to fill our needs.  I used four pallets on their sides,  a few pallets across the top and some plywood to cover it (simple, quick, and effective).


Goats love to climb, and in my experience if you give them enough to do to be happy they will be less likely to keep trying to get out and run a muck.

I plan on building a slide on one side and some steps on the other side of the play house but for now I just stacked some bales of straw for them to use to get on top of the goat house.



The goats we have are very young so it will be quite some time before they will produce any milk for us, but when the time comes I will cover making a milking stand and the process that goes with milking.

PRO TIP:It would be a good idea if you plan on keeping milk goats, to sample some of the mothers milk and see if it is what you are looking for. If you can get goats from a good line of milkers it helps a lot.






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