Homesteading vs Prepping

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Homesteading will take care of some needs that preppers and survivalists are frantically trying to fill. Not in the way that some of the misguided people are trying to fill the need currently, but it dose fill the need.

The biggest need that preppers are targeting, for the most part, would be food. If you are in the homesteading mindset and practicing at least the basics, you will not be concerned with the same things as others. When you think of the prepper or survivalist movement there are key things that they target. The end goal is planing for the end of the world.

1. Water- water is the most important asset in your world, if it is not maybe you should rethink                     your priorities with out water you will only survive for around 3 days. So it is easy to  see why this so high on the importance list. Homesteaders have a great advantage over most other people. Most of the time you have a large cache of water that would  be stored  for  animals or gardens. This water would come from a well, rainwater, or possibly hauled in.

2.Food-Homesteaders actively produce food, this is a base activity on a homestead. We keep                      chickens that give eggs and meat, gardens for veggies, and live stock such as pigs, and                   cows.

3.Shelter-Every homestead has a home of some sort. It may not be a conventional house, but                          you will find a place to get out of the weather and protect you form elements.

4.Security-Homesteads are in areas away form dense population, usually because cities                                  regulate what animals can be had. Some cities even tell you what you can and can                          not grow in your front yard. When you live in a smaller community there are stronger                    ties with neighbors. That means we look out for each other, and help out when                                needed. From butchering a hog to running off unwanted visitors.

What are the goals of a homesteader?

The goal of a homesteader revolve around living without systems of support. We do not need to remove all system of support. I raise animals so that  have good quality meat, and do not rely on others to supply this. I have chickens so we can eat eggs every morning, even if the grocery store is not open. We make our own bread, so we know exactly what goes into it. Gardens are grown, so we know that o poison was sprayed on them. Wood is cut to heat the homes. The activities on a homestead breed self-reliance and self-sufficiency. This is what preppers are reaching for, but they spend more time storing than creating. A big goal homesteaders share is to create our own needs at our house.

Give the homesteading life style a chance, you might like it more than you think. The true freedom that comes with filling your needs with the efforts from you hands. The high quality of your food supply will  blow your mind. You should store food, but the majority of what you are eating should come for your efforts. You should know what is going in to your food, and how it is made. Is there hormones in there, did they spray poison on it do control weeds and bugs?

What is homesteading?

If you are asking yourself “what is homesteading” give me a minute to clear it up. In the 1800’s the mass population did not have the ability to go to the store whenever. Homes were located farther from each other, so the general store was not always just down the road. Even if you the store was ten miles up the road, you could not go everyday. Travel was much harder, and sometimes more dangerous. The people on the homesteads just did what was natural, they made their own stuff.

It was not until the last 60 years or so, that we started down the road we are on. Before it was common for repairs to get made and not just get a new item. People lived off their own efforts and did not just pay someone else to do it for them. Clothes were made and mended at home, and food was created and cooked right at home.

If you are a prepper, I commend you at taking the steps to take care of your self, and your family. I challenge all the preppers out here to try and bring some of the practices of homesteading in to your plan. Grow some food don’t just store tons of it, and keep up the good work.

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