Homesteading Books

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I wanted to take a minute to share some Homesteading Books that are worthwhile and will help you grow as a homesteader. Sometimes it is difficult to find ways to grow your knowledge and increase you effectiveness. I prefer the hands on method of learning but if no one will come teach you then you will have to learn somewhere. Books are a great way to increase you knowledge and can give you ideas that you may not have thought of on your own.

Homesteading Books

Homesteading book
Homesteading books

A good all around book to pick up would be “The Backyard Homestead.” This book is by no means a complete guide, but really should be used as a starting point to get some ideas of property setup and things you can accomplish is a homesteader. If you desire information about raising animals, this is not the book for you.

Books for Homesteaders

Homesteading Books
Chicken Book

If you are looking for information about raising animals, my personal favorite would be Storeys line of books.  This line of books help with many different aspects of raising animals. The books include information about selecting breeds, heath issues, feeding and shelter for your livestock. If you are unfamiliar with a specific species of animal, then I highly recommend  getting the book accosted with that animal. You will find yourself far more confidant and comfortable in your adventures raising animals if you have a good resource to turn to when you have any questions. The author of the books is a homesteader herself, she has a lot of experiences with a different verity of animals.

Fruit Trees

As a homesteader you will want and or need to put someHomestead books fruit producing trees on your property. Guidance in what grows where and how to care for the specific tree is a very valuable. You may be get the cherry tree to grow, but unless you have the right climate that tree will not give you any productivity at all. Take the time to learn what grows in your climate, and will be productive for you to enjoy all the fruits of your labors. After all I like trees but I really, really like trees that feed me. Their is nothing like a piece of fresh fruit just ripened right off the tree fresh and juicy. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

A Book on Processing Meat

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Butchering Book

Along with your Homesteading book, and your animal books, and your book on trees, you may as well pick up a book on butchering. During your adventures homesteading you will be raising small animals. While we still use a butcher to process our more intensive products like beef and pork. It is very handy to be able to process some of the smaller critters yourself. This book is a great place to start. You will find a great base to build you butchering skills upon. Nothing beats hands on experience and if you get it great, but this will come in handy even if you have a great mentor showing you the ropes.

Knowledge is Power

In closing, remember the more you know the better experience you are going to have. Nobody knows everything about anything, but we all can learn new things every day. Take the time to pick up a few books on the subjects that interest you the most and expand your knowledge. I have never regretted knowing something, but not knowing things has created great challenges that I could have easily overcame with a little knowledge. I try to read all the homesteading books that I can get my hands on.

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Homesteading Books
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Homesteading Books
I wanted to take a minute to share some Homesteading Books that are worthwhile and will help you grow as a homesteader. Sometimes it is difficult to find good books on a topic.
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