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If you keeps a goat, you will need to feed your goat. There are many types of goat feeders and today we are going to look at some of the options you will be faced with when selecting your goat feeder. We are also going to look at some pros, and cons of each style of Goat Feeder. Unless you have enough pasture to take car of all of your goats nutritional needs with out supplementing their diet you are going to need a goat feeder at some point.

Types of Goat Feeders

There are several different kinds of goat feeders, and each of them fill a different need. Some feeders will do the job of others but nowhere near as effective as using the right tool for the job.

Tub feeders

Tub Goat Feeder
Tub Feeder

Using a tub to feed your goats is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to handle feeding. While this will allow you to feed your goats without feeding from the ground, you will still find this method to be the least effective. 

You fill find that your goats will defecate in the tub feeder. I do not think they do this intentionally but happens none the less. No body wants poop in their food and goats are no different.

Another Issue with tub feeders would be, getting knocked around. The easiest way to use a tub feeder is to set it on the ground. This may lead to the feeder getting knocked over or pushed around the pen. Some days you could go out to feed and have to “hunt” for the feeder. This could be avoided by anchoring the tub to one location.

Tub Feeder
Pros: Cons:
One of the cheapest ways to offer feed to your goats Goats will poop in this kind of feeder
Easy to install just put it in the ground Easy to knock over and move around

Hanging Feeders

A Great way to ensure your goat do not poop in their feed, is to raise up the height of the food. If the goats food is higher

hanging goat feeder
Hanging Goat Feeder

than their rear end, you will not see goat droppings in their feed anymore.

A hanging goat feeder is a little more difficult to implement. You will have to attach the feeder to something. You do not need much to mount the feeder on. A fence is usually good enough to support this kind of feeder.

Hanging goat feeders
Pros: Cons:
Keeps feed clean of droppings Has to be attached to something
Secure and stable Can be more difficult to add food than other options.
Trough Feeders

Trough feeders are by far the best way to feed goats.  A Goat Trough Feeder, will give all kinds of advantages over other feeders.  

Goat Trough Feeder
Goat Trough Feeder

The Trough feeder will elevate your goats food off of the ground. This will keep goat poop from getting in the food, as well as providing proper positioning for better digestion.

I like to buy troughs that have a basket of some form over them. The “basket” is where the hay goes and acts as a slow feeder. The biggest draw back of trough feeders is the price. If you are limited on funds but still want one, look at this trough feeder. It is made out of wood so it will not last as long. This type of trough is also lacking a slow feeder. If funds are limited it may e a good place to start.

Trough Feeders
Pros: Cons:
Secure and stable, easy to anchor if needed. Usually the most expensive option to feed goats in.
Some offer slow feeding options. Can be to tall for babies to get to.
Will last a very long time. May be to heavy if you move your goats around a lot.

If you are able to I would highly suggest an option with a slow feeder. The slow feeder is not only healthier  for the goats but also will also make the goats take longer to finish their feed. I have noticed that this helps keep my goats busy. Once the

Goat Feeders

goats are out of feed they are more likely to get in to trouble. This will help to keep them from chewing up things you don’t want them to. Slow feeders also help keep your goat quiet, as they tend to not make much noise while eating.


Goat Feeders
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