Do I Need to Trim My Goats Hooves?

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If you’re new to raising goats this article will help you understand caring for your goat’s hooves. Did you know if you need to care for your goat’s feet? Most hooved animals require some attention to their feet. Some more than others such as horses need trimming and proper care. So do your goats.

Goat Hooves

Before we get into how to do it, let’s talk about what will make it easier to do it. Like any animal, if your goat is not accustomed to you holding its feet. Your goat won’t act pleasant to work with if you don’t get them trusting you about messing with their feet.

When you’re playing with or interacting with your goats, make sure you pet the legs and get them trained to trust you. Goats are prey animals and to them, you’re a big bad wolf. However, when you work on social skills they will become like big puppy dogs. They just need to be handled regularly, with love. Pick up their feet and get them okay with that. Ounce your goat realizes that your not going to eat him or her, they will calm down and let you do your thing.

If you let the hooves go this can be a real problem. If the goats are on pasture land or pins you will want to pay particular attention to the feet. If the goats have rocks and sand to walk around on chances are they will naturally stay in decent shape but do now and again need attention.

Should I Trim My Goats Hooves?

Goats hooves can be trimmed a couple of ways. You can use hoof trimmers specific to small animals (recommended), horse hoof nippers, file rasp or hoof knife.

  • Clean the bottom of the hoof thoroughly with a stiff brush and use a hoof knife for more effective cleaning.
  • You will notice the after cleaning the sole of the foot, a white spongy area in the middle part of the hoof.
  • You want to trim a little shy of this point.
  • Take care not to trim into the sole, this can cause bleeding and pain.
  • We suggest you watch a video or look at pictures to get a good idea of where to stop.

You would also want to use a good lanolin based hoof treatment afterwards. You can find several different types of treatments that help restore the hoof. Dry and cracked hooves need to be given attention with a hoof treatment.

Trim Goat hooves

It’s not hard to do this yourself. Don’t be nervous and take your time. Goats will fuss about you doing this and may jerk their legs. Make sure you let go of the leg don’t pull or strain the animal. This is why it’s important to socialize with your animals as much as possible.

Hooves are just like human fingernails they won’t feel pain unless you cut too far into the sole. It’s easy to see where you are when trimming. With a little practice, you will be a goat farrier before you know it!

Do I Need to Trim My Goats Hooves?
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Do I Need to Trim My Goats Hooves?
Do I need to trim my goats hooves? and if so when do I need to trim the goats hooves, also how do you go about trimming goat hooves?
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