Do Chickens Have Sex?

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Do chickens have sex? Have you ever wondered if chickens “get it on?” If you have a rooster then you should already know this answer. Hens do not need a rooster to lay eggs so you may wonder do chickens have sex?

Do Chickens Have Sex?

The short answer is, yes. Chickens do have sex, or “Mate.” We did a post on chicken mating a little while back. if you would like to know more about the technical terms and exactly how chickens accomplish the act of having sex, you can find it here “How Chickens Mate.”

If you have a rooster I am sure you have walked in on your “Chickens Having Sex.” This is not sensual at all, and it kind of looks like your rooster is attacking the hen. The rooster will jump on the back of the hen, pin her down, and do the deed. If you have to many roosters in with your hens you will have a problem. The roosters will harass the hens, and cause a drop in egg production.

When there are to many roosters, they will all repeatedly go after the hens to have sex. This can lead to feather loss where the roosters grabs a hold of the hen. You can even get little chicken aprons to help prevent feather loss due to roosters and chickens having sex.

Chickens Having Sex All the Time.

If your roosters are having sex all the time, you may have a problem. Too many roosters will create a stressful environment for your hens. The roosters will chase the hens around trying to have sex all the time and this will lead to a drop in egg production and, unhappy hens. 

So how many roosters is to many? We have found that one rooster to about twelve hens seems to work out pretty good. This means that there are lots of hens around so the roosters are not going after the same hens over and over. 

Do Chickens Have Sex?


With a well balanced flock you will enjoy your chickens for years to come. We all want Healthy happy chickens, while most folks don’t think about it. Mating does have an effect on your chickens happiness.




Pro Tip:If you are going to need fertile eggs to hatch try

starting a second coop. You can have a rooster and some hens together and work out all thin kinks. While your egg production coupe maintains a happy, healthy environment for your layers. Besides, this way you don’t ever have to worry about cracking open an egg to have a half developed baby chick plop out.






Do Chickens Have Sex?
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Do Chickens Have Sex?
Do chickens have sex? Have you ever wondered if chickens "get it on?" If you have a rooster then you should already know this answer. Hens do not need.......
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