Diatomaceous earth

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What is diatomaceous earth used for

Recently I was looking for a natural ant killer, I posted on a few boards and someone suggested diatomaceous earth. I felt pretty dumb and thought why didn’t I think of that. I am not the only one that forgets about DE, many people use poisons on their property and forget about this wonderful stuff.

Diatomaceous earth is awesome and can be used for so many things, so many in fact that I can’t even begin to list them all here so here is a link to more info on this product. I will discuss a little about how I will use it and why it works.

I want a natural bug killer, the kind that will not pollute my property. You never know, you may want to plant food or run animals through the area you are treating. We would not want to eat poisons so most commercial bug killers will not do.  DE comes in different types and the kind you are looking for is food grade. Which means……….. you guessed it, you can eat it.

There are plenty of applications for using DE internally, such as worming animals. The reason DE works as a bug killer is, the fine powder absorbs lipids from the waxy outer layer of insects’ exoskeleton causing them to dehydrate.

     To use DE as a bug killer, just apply it like you would commercial bug killer. Sprinkle it around the area that has the bug problem, it is easier if you use a spreader like this. You will need to reapply after each time it rains. So lets try to back off the poison a bit, after all you never know what you may want to use that chunk of property for in the future.


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