What Do Chickens Need To Lay Eggs?

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What Do Chickens Need To Lay Eggs? The Number one reason that people keep chickens, is to get fresh healthy eggs. In order to accomplish this you must understand what a Chicken needs to lay eggs. 

What Do Chickens Need To Lay Eggs?

While setting up your egg production, you will need to take in to account the chickens needs. If the needs o the chicken are not met you will be plagued with poor production.

In order to lay eggs your chickens need:

  1. Good source of food.
  2. An adequate source of water.
  3. Healthy environment to live.
  4. Safety, and Security.

There are a number of items that you can get to help your chickens lay eggs comfortably. First we need to know te absolute must halves, so your chickens will lay eggs.

Things Chickens Need To Lay Eggs


Lets start with food, your chickens need good quality food to produce good quality eggs. Do not confuse “good quality” with “expensive.” You need to ensure that your chickens nutritional needs are met. The easiest way to accomplish this task, is to provide a layer feed of at least 16 percent protein. 

You can feed chickens all kinds of different things, but that would take us off topic so to find out more about what chickens eat click here. Once your pick your feed try to stick with it, consistency can be a big part in egg laying.


If you do not provide a good source of fresh clean water, your chickens will not lay eggs. As a matter of fact, your chickens will die without water. This is simple enough to take care of, buy a chicken waterer and keep it full. Going even a few hours without access to water can interrupt a chickens laying cycle.

Healthy Enviroment:

Our next topic is a little more touchy, some people have different ideas of what “a healthy environment” is. When I say your chickens need a healthy environment to live in, I mean a place that has will fill basic needs. Needs like; enough room to walk around, not rolling in chicken poop all the time, ventilation, and a place to get dry. Chickens do not require much but you will want to give them this.

What do chickens need to lay eggs?

safety and security, by this I mean peace of mind, really. The act of laying an egg is essentially giving birth. If your chickens do not feel safe, they will not want to reproduce and therefore will not lay eggs. Be sure your chickens are safe from predators, stray dogs, hawks and such. This could keep them from laying eggs, and make the chickens feel insecure.

By providing the basic needs for your chicken, you will ensure that they will give you fresh eggs. Now that we have gone over the basics lets look at some products that can make you egg layers a bit more productive.

Products That Will Help Chickens Lay Eggs.

A nesting box makes a great addition to any coop, while the chickens do not NEED the box to lay eggs, the box will make life easier. A nesting box gives chickens a place to lay their eggs.

The box pictured to the right, is a super fancy nesting box that is designed to let the eggs roll to an access panel at the rear of the box. Just go to the back lift the lid and there is your EGG!!! How cool is that? While I know you don’t need this kind of box  it is really cool. You can even train chickens to use such a box with very little effort.

Ceramic Eggs

Using ceramic eggs is a great way to train a chicken where you want them to lay their eggs at. To train your chickens to lay in a nesting box you will just have to place the fake eggs in the box. A chicken is pre-wired to lay their eggs together.

When enough eggs are laid the chicken will then start to sit the clutch of eggs. When the chicken sees the fake eggs that you have placed in the nesting box, the natural response will be to lay the next eggs next to them. This will make it easier to brood when the time comes. You simply remove the real eggs every day and the chicken will continue to lay in the same spot.

Fake eggs can also be known as a “bait egg” used to stop chickens from eating their own eggs. I recommend getting at least two fake eggs, so you have them just in case.

Bedding is another tool that can help egg laying chickens get their job chicken beddingdone. The bedding will serve a few purposes, one to keep you chickens warm and clean. The second reason is to help cushion the eggs as they hit the ground, and keep the egg from cracking. While this product is not as cool as the others, it is a very important part of the laying process.


Supplements That Help Chickens Lay Eggs.

From time to time you may find that your hens need a little extra boost

Egg Laying Suppliment
Egg Booster

to help make eggs. You can get some great supplements, some for in the chickens food, and some for in their water. The supplement for the chickens food is used as a topdress, this means that you sprinkle it on top of their food. Layer Booster will provide nutrients that might be lacking, to aid in producing eggs. Think of it as a multivitamin for chickens. You can also give a supplement like this to chicks that are nearing the age of egg production. Give your chickens a good healthy head start on baking up those delicious oval treats for you.

Sometimes your chickens can be stressed, this can be caused by several different things. A chicken is stressed when things are not right, just like people get stressed. What causes this stress? If there is a change in

Chicken Electrolytes
Chicken Electrolytes

environment, such as moving to a new coop, will create stress. Maybe a stray dog is stopping by the chicken coop and harassing your hens, this is another form of stress. Another way chickens can be stressed is extreme weather, such as extremely hot temperatures. 

When ever my chickens get stressed I add and Electrolyte supplement to their water. The Electrolytes help the chickens bounce back quicker and happier for all kinds of different situations. I even use this when I bring home new chicks to help them adjust to their new home. Think of it like grabbing a bottle of Gatorade for your self, if you are dehydrated it really helps.

Egg Collection

My last recommendation is not going to help if you want to know “What Do Chickens Need To Lay Eggs?” If you have an egg laying chickens then you will most definitely need an egg basket. This will aid you in caring for your hens, and belive it or not does help chickens lay eggs in a small way. 

egg basket
Egg Basket

Belive it or not, if you want your chickens to keep laying eggs you must collect them. If you chicken collects a “clutch of eggs” she may go Broody. This means that she will want to sit the eggs till they hatch, while we know there may be no rooster and she could not hatch them. The instinct of your hen will still be to hatch them while a chicken is broody, they usually see a huge dip in egg production, or even stop laying all together. So keep those eggs gathered.

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What Do Chickens Need To Lay Eggs?
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What Do Chickens Need To Lay Eggs?
In order to lay eggs your chickens need: Good source of food. An adequate source of water. Healthy environment to live. Safety, and Security.
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