Chicken Running Away

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Is your chicken running away? This can be frustrating, but do not worry we can help you. While looking into this topic I found that most people have one of two problems.

The fist is that their chickens are running away from them when they try to pick them up. The second reason is their chickens are “running away” from home. This means they are going to far away, and making it difficult to gather them up.

Chicken Running Away From Me

Lets look at the most common reason folks are concerned with a chicken running away. When you need to handle your chicken for some reason, and it always runs away.

There are times that you need to get ahold of one of your chickens. You may need to inspect an injury, check an Identification band, or maybe you just need that chicken to go into a specific place. Most chickens will naturally want to get away from you.

This make perfect sence, you are a very object compared to a chicken. I am sure you mean no harm but, I bet you your chicken does not know you do not wish to harm them. Do not take it personal it is a natural instinct to aid chickens to survive in the wild.

How to Keep Chickens From Running Away From You

If you start when the chickens are babies it will be much easier to get them adjusted to you. Make sure your baby chickens a lot this will help them to learn that the giant coming towards tem is not going to hurt them. You should also handle your grown birds from time to time to keep them comfortable with being handled.

Ensure that, as much as possible, all of your interactions with your chickens are pleasant. This ensures that your chickens like you. If you were to start running at them and making loud noises, your chickens would surely run around frantic. Some children enjoy chasing chickens, do not let them do this. It will teach your chickens to be afraid of you.

Give treats by hand and randomly pick up one of your chickens and pet them. If your chicken is flapping all over and wiggling all about, then you are probably holding the chicken wrong.

The correct way to hold a chicken is with two hands. One hand should support the chickens feet and the other hand should be placed across the back of the chicken covering the wings. My chickens respond best if I apply a little pressure to their bodies, this ensures them they are safe and not going to fall.

How to Catch A Chicken

Before you can hold a chicken you must first catch it. Catching a chicken can be very difficult. They never seem to run out of energy and are very fast, even a seasoned athlete can have a very difficult time catching a chicken. 

The key to catching a chicken is to move slow and do not startle them. If you run up to a chicken, most of the time it will simply run away. You will have a much easier time catching them if accustomed to being handled.

If you chicken continually get the best of you, then you should consider using a chicken catcher.

Chicken Catcher
Chicken Catcher

A chicken catcher is a long tool with a curved end on it. The Catcher will allow you to slip the hook around the feet of the chicken so you can pull it towards you. The chicken is usually preoccupied watching you that it does not realize you are using the chicken catcher to hook it.


Keep Chickens From Running Away From Home

If your chickens are running away from home, you need to figure out why. Usually chickens wandering off for one of two reasons. Either there is something missing from where the are, or there is something better where they are going. 

Make sure that your chickens have all of their needs met, such as food clean water and so forth. You also need to ensure that your place has all the niceties. Such as; shade, a place to perch, good places to scratch, as well as good treats to eat while they scratch, and plenty of shelter/cover to keep them feeling safe.

If your chickens keep wondering off, follow them. Look to see what is drawing them away, and see if you can provide that for them, in the area you want them to be. In the event that you can not make your place better than other places. You will have to block them in with a fence of some sort.

If all your chickens needs are met and there are lots of things to keep them occupied you shouldnt have any issues with you chickens running away. If your chickens are just venturing out and exploring the may be bored.

The easiest way to cure boredom in chickens is to give them something to do.


Chicken Treat Ball
Cure for chicken boredom


A chicken treat ball will help keep your chickens busy, and keep the from wandering off. A treat ball is a little plastic ball that drops treats out when they kick it around. My chickens love their treat ball. Keep in mind it may take a while for your chickens to learn what this treat ball is and how to use it.







Chicken Running Away
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Chicken Running Away
Is your chicken running away? This can be frustrating, but do not worry we can help you. While looking into this topic I found that most people have one of two problems.
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