Can Chickens Swim?

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New to backyard barnyard living, are you raising chickens? If you are have you asked yourself “can chickens swim”? Funny yes and may not have been the first thing you asked yourself but there is an answer to this question.

Can Chickens Swim

Yes, your chicken can swim. Now it’s not a great idea to go out and start throwing your chickens in the swimming pool. Water is not a chicken’s natural habitat, but they can swim if they have to.

Raising chickens as pets you can put them in the pool with you under supervision. Don’t just toss them in you need to allow them a moment to acclimate and simply let go.

Will a Chicken Swim

Animals have an inherent instinct for survival, so when placed in unnatural situations they do adapt quickly. Chickens are not ducks (duh) but have the instinct to swim if they have to.

Birds love water and love to get their feathers wet and fluff them back out. After a rain, you will see your chickens finding standing water to give themselves a bath.

Keep in mind if you start your chickens swimming in your pool don’t be surprised to find them there. It is a good idea to have a fresh water kid pool for them to rinse off and play in the water. Pool chemicals are not something a chicken would have to deal with in a natural environment.

Chickens in Water

When keeping animals of any kind. Ask yourself before you do something with them is this natural to them? If it’s, not then think twice before you ask something of an animal that is unnatural to their species. Water, chickens love it. Just keep in mind that they don’t naturally swim in swimming pools or deep water. They use the water more as a bath than a swim.

They do swim in the same manner as a duck. However, keep a close eye because chicken feathers are not like duck feathers. Duck feathers wick away water, whereas chicken feather will just get heavy with water and could make the chicken sink from the water weight.

Since swimming is not natural to a chicken if they become stressed or don’t act like they want to go in the water I would simply let them go. No need in stressing out your pet just to have a silly photo session.

Keeping a little kid pool for your chickens to mess about in can be silly fun. Make sure that if they do get water logged that the water level is low enough to allow them to not drown. Their legs won’t support the water weight when feathers get water logged. So if you want them to swim, just like kids be close to the pool just in case.

Can Chickens Swim
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Can Chickens Swim
Can Chickens Swim? New to backyard barnyard living, are you raising chickens? If you are have you asked yourself “can chickens swim”?
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