Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes?

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Why did the chicken cross the road? To eat a tomato! Can chickens eat tomatoes? is the question were talking about in this article. The short answer is yes you can feed tomatoes to your chickens.

Should Chickens Eat Tomatoes?

The first thing to always remember when feeding your animals is what is natural to the animal’s diet and what is not. Chickens will peck around gardens, fruits and just about anything lying about. Gardens are not a safe place for chickens.

Chickens can eat tomatoes but not tomato plants. Tomato plants have toxins that can harm your chickens. So make sure gardens are secure from curious chickens. If free ranging chickens you want to make sure they have plenty to keep them occupied and out of gardens.

Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes?

You can simply toss a few tomatoes in with your chickens. Keep in mind the size of the bird, don’t overfeed them. Treat tomatoes like treats. Moderation is the key to offering treats.

Before you feed tomatoes to your chickens be sure they are good ripe tomatoes. Never feed your chickens rotten tomatoes. Cut off bad spots on the tomatoes and give them fresh ripe tomatoes. Upsetting an animal’s digestive tract can cause serious problems.

Even though animals will eat even the most disgusting things, sour rotten food can make them sick. Just because a chicken might eat something certainly does not mean they should. Monitor your animal’s food intake.

You will want to clean up any uneaten tomato pieces out of your pins. Always make sure that your birds have clean food. This goes for any food that could potentially rot.

Can Chickens Have Tomatoes?

Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes?

Feeding treats to animals can make them over excited or aggressive. Therefore, spread out the treats so that all the chickens have a fair shot at the tomato pieces. It’s a good idea to cut up pieces into manageable bites. Don’t just thrown whole tomatoes in the barnyard and let the chickens work it out. That can cause fights. Maintain your flock’s harmony by simply spreading around the treats so that the chickens have space and time to enjoy.

Also keep in mind that when you throw out treats this can attract other animals as well. So if you have dogs or other animals that could hurt your chickens make sure they’ve put away while your chickens are eating.

This is also another reason you want to clean up pins from uneaten tomatoes, you don’t want to attract Raccoons or Coyotes. Predator animals can smell food from huge distances, so take care to protect your chickens. If you do attract such  predators you may want to consider a trap to protect your chickens.

Have fun with your chickens, see you next time!

Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes?
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Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes?
Why did the chicken cross the road? To eat a tomato! Can your chickens eat tomatoes is the question were talking about in this article? The short answer is yes you can feed tomatoes to your chickens.
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