The Best Guinea Pig Food

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Food is a basic need for all guinea pigs. All have the right amount of nutrients they can get food. If they do not eat the appropriate amounts of food, they tend to be more susceptible to illnesses and sickly. Want to keep your guinea pig healthy and happy; you need to know their basic nutritional requirements. Once you have supplied them with enough food and vitamin intake, you will not have to worry about the health problems and illnesses which they can develop. By knowing this useful information, your guinea pigs will always be in good shape.

Guinea pig food pellets and vitamin C tablets

Guinea pigs love the taste and smell of these pellets, so you’ll have no trouble feeding them these goodies. Pet stores sell pellets packed with nutrients and vitamin C. Like humans, they must have an adequate supply of vitamin C to their immune system active. This can also keep them from scurvy, a disease that can cause stiffness of the joints and tooth loss.

Your guinea pigs must have at least 10 to 30 milligrams of ascorbic acid per day. Since pellets do not with this amount, you must fill it with at least ¼ of a Vitamin C tablet daily.

Guinea Pig foods like fresh fruits and vegetables

Although pellets vitamin C content. However, these goodies are packed. The amount of ascorbic acid in them can deteriorate as a result of storage and preservation processes. Do you want to make sure that your pets are receiving the right amount of nutrient, you need to introduce fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet? Try feeding dandelion greens, broccoli leaves, cabbage, oranges, and strawberries. You can also feed them lettuce, celery, and raw beans. Keep in mind that you should not feed too many watery greens because this can cause digestive problems such as constipation.

Guinea Pig Food – Hay as their main diet

The main diet of guinea pigs includes clean and fresh piles of hay. Hay consumption helps them improve digestion because it keeps moving their digestive system. This is also important because it can prevent that the teeth of vegetation. This is exactly why you should allow them to chew and nip on the feed every day. Crowded teeth can affect their diet because it makes eating uncomfortable for them. Most of them instantly lose interest in eating and lose appetite because of excessive teeth. Loss of appetite is a crucial stage because each guinea pig to eat properly every day.

Guinea Pig Food and Water

Apart from food, they also need to have unlimited access to fresh supplies of water. Water helps them improve their digestion and cleanse harmful substances in their bodies. Store their water in sealed drip bottles. This would prevent water pollution can damage their bodies. Change their water every day and their bottles regularly.

It is not recommended to dilute vitamin C with water. Such as vitamin C in prepackaged pellets, ascorbic acid in water could also decline if not consumed immediately. The ideal way to make ascorbic acid is available by means of the feeding of them a number of tablets or making them liquid droplets.

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