The Best Chicken Feeder for Beginners

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There are so many different feeders out there it is very easy to get overwhelmed. I would like to share some insights I have on the best chicken feeders for beginners. I am sure you have searched a bit and seen that there are about a million different kind of chicken feeders. Without using all of them how can you pick the best chicken feeder.

The Best Chicken Feeder for Beginners

If you are new to keeping chickens, you should really only be focused on one thing. What kind of chicken feeder will work for you? Most beginners do not have very many chickens. I recommend 6 to 12 chickens at the most for a beginner to start with. Most people will not need any more than 6 to 12 to meet their needs. Some People will keep more chickens because they love it so much, but if you are just keeping chickens to give you eggs that will be plenty.

We assume you will not be keeping super large flocks. You do not need a super complicated method of feeding your chickens. Remember the old tem K.I.S.S. “Keep It Simple Stupid” if you over complicate your situation you will not enjoy your chickens. With that in mind I recommend a simple hanging chicken feeder.

Hanging Chicken Feeder

A hanging chicken feeder is just as it sounds, a feeder that hangs and holds chicken feed. You may wonder why the feeder hangs, and if hanging your feeder is necessary? I would say that hanging your feeder provides great advantages over just setting it on the ground. Your chickens will perch on your feeder if you simply set it on the ground. If you hang the feeder they seam to stay off of the top of the feeder and therefore you get less poop in your chicken feed.

Anther great feature of hanging chicken feeders would be less waste. When you lay a chicken feeder on the ground, the chickens tend to make a mess and toss chicken food all over the place. A hanging feeder hung at the right height will allow access to food but keep the chickens from making a mess with the food. Make sure that when you hang the feeder, it is hung about neck high for optimal results.

Hanging Chicken Feeder pros and cons

PROSThe best chicken feeder for begginers

  • Easy to use
  • Reduces Waste
  • Less chicken poop in feed


  • Not Ideal for large flocks
  • Limited storage capacity
  • requires close access to fill


Larger Hanging chicken Feeder

If you keep a lager number of Chickens you can get lager hanging chicken feeders so you can keep plenty of food for all your birds to eat. I belive you can get up to a 30 pound hanging chicken feeder. One last thing to consider is , if you live in a climate with a harsh sun that can destroy plastics, you may want a metal feeder. If you have your feeder out in direct sunlight and you live in a climate that has hot, dry, harsh sun beating down please consider getting a metal hanging chicken feeder you will be glad you did.

Now go out there and feed your chickens. With the proper care you will enjoy lots of fresh delicious eggs right out of your own backyard. It really dose not get much better than that.


The Best Chicken Feeder for Beginners
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The Best Chicken Feeder for Beginners
There are so many different feeders out there it is very easy to get overwhelmed. I would like to share some insights I have on the best chicken feeders for beginners.
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