Beginners Guide To Homesteading

Beginners Guide to Homesteading

Beginners Guide to Homesteading. When some folks think about homesteading, they think of a cowboy riding the range and living out of their saddle bags.

At one point in time this may have been true, but this is far from what happens now. If you are confused as to what homesteading is, take a minute to read my post “What is Homesteading?

I am glad you have taken an interest in homesteading. I hope that we can help you on your journey of living a homestead lifestyle. It would be a much better world if more people took some responsibility for some food production.

If you are brand new to homesteading I would suggest you pick up a few books to get yourself started. I posted a list for homesteading beginners to point you in the right direction and start your library of “Homesteading Books.”

We will answer a lot of your questions here but it doesn’t hurt to have a book to thumb through. Books are a great place to get new ideas to try things you may not have thought of before.

Food Production

Food production is one of the first steps a homesteading beginner should be taking. The easiest way to set up some food production is to get some chickens. The Chickens will give you eggs everyday, and if you are up to it, chickens can be used for meat production also.

Chickens are very easy to keep and provide a great return for any beginner. If you are going to bring some chickens you may want to read the post about, “Things To Know Before You Get Your Chickens.” Choosing the right chickens will definitely make things easier on you. While chickens are very easy to keep, you should research a few items. If you are an absolute beginner with chickens, start with “What Do Chickens Eat?

Chicken Coops

You will learn fast, but try to get started off on the right foot. Making a good chicken coop is definitely a priority. Most store bought chicken coops are too small for my taste. If you are going to purchase a prebuilt coop you can see some here to choose from, “Chicken Coops.” They work well for a small flock, but we have grown beyond that at our place.

Building a chicken coop gives you great options to adapt the coop to your needs. With a little creativity and a hammer you could get a lot done. Some of us may be creatively challenged.

If you are having a hard time coming up with a chicken coop design, consider picking up a book on “Building Chicken Coops.” The books can be purchased in print as well as digital downloads.

Once you have your chickens you will have lots of questions just breath everything will be fine. You can find tons of posts here that will answer all kinds of questions “Chicken Articles.” There are far too many chicken questions to address on one page, feel free to use the search bar in the right sidebar to find whatever you are looking for.

Homestead Gardening

The second step to creating a homesteading lifestyle, would be growing some food. A garden is a wonderful thing, there is nothing like biting into a fresh piece of fruit picked right out of your backyard.

Trees are great and I recommend that you absolutly plant some. The problem is, it could be 4 or 5 years before you ever get to enjoy any of the fruit from your new trees. I recommend that you start a garden and start growing some groceries that you will be able to enjoy this year.

When deciding what you will grow your garden you must take several things into account. I can not tell you what will grow in your area because I have no idea where you are. If you have no experience gardening, I recommend that you find a local nursery.

Take a few hours and talk to the folks working there. Most of the time you will find a great wealth of knowledge, and most gardeners that I have met love to talk about it. Ask them what grows well where you are and what time of year you should plant. Take a notepad with you and make sure you use it.


After you know what you are going to grow, you will need to buy some seeds. I prefer to get non GMO and if I can find them I buy “Heirloom Seeds” Create a plan and get that garden rolling.

Finding your own way

The next step will not be as easy. To grow your homestead you will now have to take a look at what the individual goals. You have the basics started, with egg production, and produce being grown in the yard. What will be you next step?

I moved on to raising goats, we raise meat, and dairy goats. You may want to focus on building other forms of self reliance, like solar, or water storage.

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