Another Cheap animal feed source.

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Another place to find some cheap animal feed.


With the rising cost of, well, everything it is very important to try and save where ever you can. Recently we have been fiddling around with brewers grain. I have had wonderful results. Brewers grain is left over grain from breweries that make adult beverages. The practice of using brewers grain has been around for a long time and the grain has been used to feed almost every animal you would find on a typical homestead.

Above is a picture of the feed bucket I used to feed the pigs today, this is the brewers grain on the top. The grain will not give all of the nutrition needed to raise a happy healthy animal, so this bucket also contains, a layer of fruits and veggies, and a layer of regular pig feed. The idea is to be able to feed less of the expensive stuff and use this to fill in the gaps. This method will save you money and also produce healthy animals. My results so far have been pretty good. The chickens took right to it, as a matter of fact it seems like they  like this better than their normal feed. The pigs treat it as any other food I toss to them, yup its food nom nom nom. The cows however did not take to the brewers grain right away, they kind of sniffed about and checked it out a little. Now that a little time has passed they have started to warm up to it. Seems they still prefer the sweet feed but hey who wouldn’t. I haven’t tried it out on the goats yet but I don’t think they would have an issue with it. I do not have any dairy goats so I couldn’t tell you what it may do to the taste of the milk. I hope to get some dairy goats before to long, if I do I will post an update on the effects of brewers grain on dairy milk at that time.


55 gallon drum

When we get the grain it comes in a 55 gallon drum like the one pictured above. Our source delivers the drum to us and we pay around 20 dollars for each drum. Well kind of, well pay that price for the grain in the drum, if we want to keep the drum it is another 25 dollars. When he brings us another load, we send back the empties. Just keep in mind that each drum weighs about 300 pounds so be ready for some heavy lifting. You may have some questions about the nutritional value of this grain as an animal feed, I sure did. Here is a link to a site that will fill you in on all the feeding instructions, and nutritional values. I hope you all have lots of luck with all of your critters.

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